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Unity League 88

Consumer Insights

Brand Positioning

VBB (Value Based Brand)

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)

Brand Experience & lifestyle

Strategic Planning 

Marketing and Operations

Architectural design

Interior Design

Fundraising Project

Unity League 88 was born with the purpose of creating a new value chain in fitness centers. Together with its founder, Luis Calicchio, we developed the entire positioning strategy for the new gym, its methodology and the entire brand experience. During the pandemic, we launched all the content for online classes and the following year, we made the first pitch for fundraising.

"The Wellness industry has grown a lot in recent years. Positioning a new gym with a new concept challenged us to also create a new scalable business model that had human development at the center and not enrollments. Unity was born with a purpose of looking at the value chain and proposing a methodology focused on the physical educator. Through this strategy, we developed the methodology, its pillars, class content and all its brand experience”.

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

All projects developed by School/SS99 are part of our clients' business strategy. We do not share content on social media, lectures, events and websites. To learn more about our cases and projects, please, contact us.

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