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Brand Anatomy®

A methodology that puts ideas and ideals into practice

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of communication, management and strategy, we have developed a methodology called BrandAnatomy®. We work to reconfigure the organizational culture, based on the company's fundamental values and the cultural, economic and civic redefinition that are in constant transformation. 


Brand Essence

Much is said about the search for purpose, but it is only revealed when we discover the stories behind, not the products, but the founders. More than any framework of values and mission hanging on a wall, anchoring management processes based on essence is fundamental to building a strong and engaged corporate culture.

Brand Essence

Brand's Vision

Where can your essence take you and what vision of the future do you want for your culture, your products and your services? At this stage, through Design Thinking, we co-create a vision of the future together with brands and their entrepreneurs, in favor of a Long Therm Strategy thinking. Our objective is to align essence in favor of the same vision of the future. This is the shortest path to innovation.

Consumer Insights

Trend research works, but it works even better when it's aligned with the company's true purpose. Through this study, we have acquired a deep and rich knowledge of consumers and their behaviors, with generational analysis, movement mapping, definition of communication drivers, partnerships with digital innovators and market leading companies. Our role is to apply these insights in management processes, transforming them into strong assets of the brand's lifestyle.

Consumer insight

Business Modeling

How can business model innovation drive organizational growth and lead the company towards disruption? Our methodology allows us to visualize and adapt the entire organizational value chain and redirect investments towards organic growth in a vision focused on Sales, Share and Valuation. Based on methods from leading French management schools, we develop growth strategies and financial projections for a competitive edge.



In a world increasingly driven by data and fake news, we know that the consumer no longer believes in promises and hyper-produced images. It's time for brands to show their true identity. In addition to an authentic and unique aesthetic, it is critical that the message is realistic (even if pessimistic) and that it is connected to the essence of your organization. Branding means much more than just a logo, it means building a flag. Our methodology is based on the concepts of the fashion industry to cross the essence diagnosed with the trend that best applies to it. It is all these related connections that will guide the process of building and institutionalizing a lifestyle branding.

Planning strategy

Planning Strategy

As important as the creation, the business model and the brand, is the implementation plan and actions alignment. We divide our planning according to each project in all the main verticals of the companies: finance, human resources, R&D, marketing, sales and we put together a plan to implement the Long Therm Strategy through OKR's and KPI's. Through this strategic map (ME), we developed the management and operations management system.


Through agile management methodologies, we make Sprints in each Squad according to the scope and required service. We assist in the search and management of consulting services, agencies and partnerships with Stakeholders that can build an environment of high value in the quality of execution through a clear map of the objectives and expected results. We also work in several areas  of execution, ensuring that those who helped in the design process look at the delivery.


Brand Anatomy®

Walk the talk: Our methodology in practice


Builds an organization to lead a new culture based on its essence


Understand behavioral patterns of consumers in their different generations


Strategically position the brand and build its visual codes and communication drivers


Creation and production sprint for execution through agile methodology


Develop a long-term strategic vision with leadership


Adjusts the business model in favor of the strategic vision in all areas of the organization


Design an action plan by areas according to the Business Model with their OKR's and respective KPI's


Develops a map to understand the improvement gap for each area

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