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We use fashion as to help us build desirable brands

Founded in 2012, School SS99® aims to break the barriers of communication and traditional advertising inspired by great names in history such as Louis XIV and the world of fashion.

Consumer Connection

“Fashion is seen only by its product: “clothes”. But it is important for us to understand that fashion wears, above all, new patterns of behavior".

If, like fashion, we learn to observe first the human being, and not just the consumer, in all his/her totality, attitudes, desires, anxieties, pains and frustrations, we will reach another level of communication, much deeper, much more engaged. 

Making that product or service not having just a transactional relationship, but to assume a transformational in the life of that human being. This is a real marketing, the marketing of life.

Desire as a business strategy

What French schools teach today about the Blue Ocean Strategy, applied by INSEAD, is that the value of innovation lies between the balance of controlling structural costs and the value proposition for consumers.

"For value innovation to be a sustainable strategy, then, the alignment of the company's utility, price, cost, and people is needed. It is this whole-system approach that makes value innovation strategic rather than operational or functional."

Paris, France: The City of Lights

French schools understand very well when it comes to desire. What Louis XIV did in building Paris  inspired the fashion industry to do the same. Remembering that the first fashion label in the world was French.

The fashion industry knows like nobody how to apply these concepts. Fashion is about longevity, desire and no one else can connect desire to its consumers like Fashion.


Louis XIV built a country based on desire that remains alive to this day.

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