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Brand Anatomy®

School's Resume Skill List

For each constructive process, we develop multidisciplinary skills for the implementation of the methodology in our clients. Each journey follows a well-defined work map for the transformation of our clients' businesses.

Brand Essence

Values and Emotions Map

Multiples Intelligences


Brand Personality

Brand Storytelling

Brand's Vision

Design Thinking Workshops

Value Proposition for Products or Services

Find out our client type

Customer journey

Research Design Process

Consumer Insights

Generations Analysis

Consumer Insights

Brands to Watch: Report

The micro movements for the Brand

Definition of the Macrotrend

Lifestyle Generator

Business Modeling

Business Analysis

Business Model Strategy

Business Plan

Business Projection

Pricing and Budget Projection

Pitch Deck for Fundraising

Planning Strategy

Strategic Maps for areas

Clear Map for the Management Process

OKR's setup

Full and detailed Action-Plan

Budget Analysis



Agile Methodology

Core Creative Idea

Squad setup and Aligment

Core Creative Idea

Architecture and Interior Design

Brand Experience and Activations

Graphic and Digital Design

Online and Digital Marketing Analytics

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