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Can we save the planet?

It is important to emphasize that when an agency talks about sustainability, it needs to be based on authentic behaviors and rigorous practices of its clients. For, it is increasingly responsible for everything it propagates, and will be charged for it.  


Communication should only have the role of strategically anchoring these management models, in their media,  with education and entertainment.

Radical Transparency, Sustainability First, Ethics to Aesthetics, before the pandemic the consumer mindset was already showing many signs of change, COVID-19 presented the communication industry with the chance to know, redefine, remodel and communicate, the value chain of your customers' products.

With that in mind, Academy FW10™ was born in 2020. It is a spin-off of School SS99® and aims to help entrepreneurs to build a new generation of breakthrough products that change the world for the better. 

Sustainability Solutions

We are working with entrepreneurs to find opportunities through technology and strategy. We help overcome a fragmented process to build one that fits the spectrum of the market.


Our platform combines social, biology, chemistry, technology, business strategy and go to market to grow smarter over time.


There is a huge unmet demand in the market for new and innovative products and materials. And we need it now!

Portfolio Companies / Stage: Seed  / Status: Co-Investors & Shareholders






Amazon, Oceans & Coast Protection


#Blockchain, #Carbon, #Traceability

Support and build production chains that add value to the traditional wisdom and science of agricultural communities and respect for the territory of origin of their products and services.

Our goal:

Help in the creation and conception of the business model, through the organization's values we've select the leadership and developed the implementation of the organizational culture.

What have we done:

Branding, Business Plan, Culture, Investors report, Office Interior Design and Architecture, Values and Strategy Planning

We’re purpose driven.

We rebuild systems to create resilient and humane organizations.

We’re working to make the world a better place where everyone gets the same opportunities to realize their full potential on a healthy planet.

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