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Sossego Insurance

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SOSSEGO was known for being the first online auto insurance broker for the final consumer. We participate in the entire process of pivoting the business model, starting from the end consumer (B2C) and transforming the company into a technological support service for the insurance brokers market (B2B). SOSSEGO began to lend its technology and entrepreneurial knowledge to make small and medium-sized brokers able to prosper and, consequently, improve the Brazilian economy.

"Being part of a process of pivoting the business model is, above all, a repositioning of communication and culture. All points needed to be aligned with a new strategic vision of the company, starting with its employees, sales team and customers. It was necessary to go far beyond technology, it was necessary to look at people. It was not just a robot, a new technology, but a human being. Training, developing business and relationships was the greatest value of change that the brand could offer.”

Victor Hayashida

COO & Strategy Operations

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