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Ambev SKOL

Consumer Insights

Field research

Brand Positioning

VBB (Value Based Brand)

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)

Brand Experience & lifestyle

Strategic Planning (3 years)

In 2016, at the same time that national brands gained more and more space, such as Itaipava of the Petrópolis group, the SKOL brand faced the entry of international brands (Stella Artois, Budweiser and Heineken) in the Brazilian market. In this scenario, we were called to develop a project that could rescue the desire of the SKOL brand for its consumer and consequently for the trade.

"This project was very important, as we were dealing with a transition in consumer behavior. Our objective was to bring desire to the SKOL brand, without tying the product to the female body anymore. of the brand, which came from England and at first was a brand made for export. And within this truth, we developed the lifestyle of the brand and its consumer public.”


Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

Packaging Design for Skol

Skol Central - Lifestyle Building for Brand Experience

Packaging Design for Brahma

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