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Marina Lima

Brand Positioning

VBB (Value Based Brand)

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)

Brand Experience & lifestyle

Visual Production

Stage and set design

Visual Concept for Concerts

Commercial Partnerships

Marina Lima, one of the most recognized artist, songwriter and singer in the Brazilian music scene. Since 2015, School/SS99® has been developing consultancy work focused on researching behavioral trends and visual identity, together with the artist, helpingin her image and positioning, whether through photographs for editorials, interviews, partnerships with brands, album covers and concert visual concepts. With the aim of introducing the singer to a younger and activist audience.

“We talk a lot that we transform brands into people, and this is the proof that people should also be brands. We respect the entire history and essence of Marina very much. Through a work of mapping her values and lifestyle, since 2015 we have worked side by side with her in this aesthetic repositioning. She is an artist, naturally she is always ahead of our times, and our work in researching trends is to make her own manifestations compatible with global behaviors that are being inaugurated. In this way, we only verticalize the visual and artistic concept that is most pertinent to this whole new path that she opens when she writes her songs.”

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

All projects developed by School/SS99 are part of our clients' business strategy. We do not share content on social media, lectures, events and websites. To learn more about our cases and projects, please, contact us.

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