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GUERREIRO is one of the most iconic brands in Brazilian fashion. Founded in the 70s, it is recognized for the genius and creativity of its founder, José Carlos Guerreiro. In 2017, already under the direction of its daughters, the brand needed to find a new positioning, connecting with the current market, but without losing its essence. Within this project, we sought not only to reposition the brand, but to revive the rebellious and transgressive spirit in the hearts of the daughters, bringing all that true personality to the brand identity.

"Rescuing the Guerreiro's essence and expressing it through communication with a strong personality was our strategy. Bringing the founder's soul through the lens of a young artist was a very strong strategy, filmmaker Marcos Mello represents Guerreiro of today, and the right measure of transgression that the brand's communication needed. Through a film/documentary, we managed to update the image and made a very strong and true awareness plan with these connections. This identity would naturally spread across all materials, from design visuals to surface design, from brand culture to the hearts of their daughters.”

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

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