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Ambev Guarana

Consumer Insights

Field research

Brand Positioning

VBB (Value Based Brand)

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)

Brand Experience & lifestyle

Strategic Planning (3 years)

The soft drink market began to change in 2017, mainly with the issue of healthiness and consumer questioning in relation to sugar, increasingly being considered the new tobacco. In response, the water market was constantly growing. It was necessary to bring more than a new positioning to Guaraná Antarctica, but also a long-term thinking in relation to the product and its revenue. It was within this scenario that School/SS99® was called upon to develop a short, medium and long-term strategic project together with Ambev's marketing team.

"Guarana Antarctica is original from Brazil. And what Brazil is this? It's a Brazil made by Natanaels, by Franciscos who harvest their guarana there in the Amazon, at Farm Santa Helena. That is the origin of our fruit. It was from this truth that we built the brand's entire lifestyle. We understood together with the public how the brand should update its communication drivers. Within the soft drink category, our goal was to be the most natural and health Brazilian soda, without a doubt .”

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

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