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H&M Foundation - Global Change Awards Winner

Galy is a startup founded by two Brazilians who set out to make cotton from cells. The textile industry is one of the industries that has the most polluting chain. From there, we position the brand through the mission of its founders. The idea of lab cotton was so disruptive, that the core idea was to embody the courage and bravery of a child, who sees the world full of possibilities. With that in mind, the Galy brand becomes the dream of two children, who wants to transform the world through their scientific creations. In this project, we worked with the main leaders of the company, CEO AND CSO, assuming positions of CMO, CDO and CFO, in 3 verticals: marketing, operations and commercial relationship. We structured the entire startup and prepared it for its investment in Series A (USD 30M).

Time lapse Cotton in Lab

"Making cotton in vitro is just technology, but restoring the entire chain and transforming the lives of millions of people who live in conditions of slavery on cotton farms is the brand's mission. Even with a company that focuses all of its investments in technology, we needed a flag and a mission. Our main objective was to transform the culture of scientists and investors, so they could put ethics before aesthetics, and celebrate scientists as the new designers of a new world. In a company, totally B2B, it is important to build this feeling of community and construction in favor of a great disruption”.

Victor Hayashida

COO & Strategy Operations

Brand Mood Video

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