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Flag CX

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 Flag.CX   is one of the largest communication networks in LATAM. We have participated in the entire aesthetic and narrative evolution of Cubo.CC, today Flag.CX, since 2010. In these 12 years of relationship, we contributed to the development of its visual narrative and positioning, helping to build about 8 architectural and interior projects from their physical and sensory experiences. The last project was in 2020, within the STATE space focused on innovation companies.

"All Flag's projects were special, designed and conceived according to the essence and life story of its founders. From the first agency to the most recent, they had a chronological line of history being very well represented in art, music and in architecture. This whole narrative has been updated and fueled through many behavior and trend studies, making it always one step ahead in its brand and culture visual codes.”

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

All projects developed by School/SS99 are part of our clients' business strategy. We do not share content on social media, lectures, events and websites. To learn more about our cases and projects, please, contact us.

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