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Camargo Corrêa

Consumer Insights

Field research

Product Positioning

VBB (Value Based Brand)

VBI (Visual Brand Identity)

Brand Experience & lifestyle

Strategic planning

Interior Design

Product development

CCDI is the incorporation unit of Camargo Corrêa. School/SS99® worked on product development and innovation alongside the marketing, sales and architecture team. The projects aimed to change the way products were developed, focused at future consumer behaviors and desires. Four projects were developed in four different neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo.

"A project of this size needed the alignment of all areas of the company. Normally, a project takes more than 5 years to be ready and, at the speed that consumers change, the speed of delivery did not match the speed of behavior changes. In other words, the project meant a total change in the entire company's processes. We worked together, from the product team to the sales team. In this restructuring of processes and culture, we got deep into the history of the brand's founder, Mr. Sebastião Camargo, to understand its history and architectural codes, in order to bring these signatures to the projects.

Flavia Nogueira

CEO & Creative Chairwoman

All projects developed by School/SS99 are part of our clients' business strategy. We do not share content on social media, lectures, events and websites. To learn more about our cases and projects, please, contact us.

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