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_Building Desire

Consumer Connection

“Fashion is seen only by its product: “clothes”. But it is important for us to understand that fashion wears, above all, new patterns of behavior".
If, like fashion, we learn to observe first the human being, and not just the consumer, in all his/her totality, attitudes, desires, anxieties, pains and frustrations, we will reach another level of communication, much deeper, much more engaged.


Making that product or service not having just a transactional relationship, but to assume a transformational in the life of that human being. This is a real marketing, the marketing of life.

"I want people to see the dress,  but focus on the woman."  (Vera Wang)

_Meet the Founders


“The year was 2012. We decided to leave our careers in traditional advertising agencies in the market to design a method that could connect a brand to its values and essence. We had no doubts that the method would be the basis for the foundation of School SS99®.

We were at the 30's, and the needed to connect our own essence to a work model that we believed in came like a hurricane in our lives and was fundamental for the development of the hole process.

Flávia Nogueira & Victor Hayashida

"What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time. (Nicolas Ghesquière)

_Team Leadership

Leading the Charge

We believe that only a team with distinct identities will be better able to carry out collaborative and creative ventures of wide scope

low SCHOOL_2206 VH2 3_edited.jpg

The Sun-Smart Collection

Flávia Nogueira

Consumer Science

& Futurism

SCHOOL_973 VH_edited.jpg

Comfort X Design

Victor Hayashida

Planning Strategy & Innovation development

SCHOOL_1056 simon bx2.jpg

Transport In Style

Simon Pierre

Business Modelling & Financial Strategy

_Brand Experience

Home Sweet Home Office

Our house is located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Through the bricks, we demonstrate the importance of experience in favor of culture, and the relevance of expressing the spirit of a brand on all surfaces, both for internal and external customers. (...)


Brand Anatomy®

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of communication, management and strategy, we have developed a methodology called BrandAnatomy®. We work to reconfigure the organizational culture, based on the company's fundamental values and the cultural, economic and civic redefinition that are in constant transformation.

School SS99®'s Business Transformation Ecosystem___________™

A methodology that puts ideas and ideals into practice


Our services


Art Direction

Branding & Brand Strategy

Brand Personality

Business Modelling


Culture & Environmental

Design Thinking


Film & Video


Marketing & Go To Market Strategy


Pitch Deck for Fundraising

Social Content & Strategy

Target Audiences


Website Design

For each constructive process, we develop multidisciplinary skills for the implementation of the methodology in our clients.

_Academy FW10™ S/A

Can we save the planet?

Academy FW10™ S/A is a spin-off of School SS99® and aims to help entrepreneurs to build a new generation of breakthrough products that change the world for the better.

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