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Tracking Changes

Jobs Unpacked

To mark 10 years since our launch, we look back at what we have achieved, with the support of our clients, and survey how the world has changed in the communication years. The question is: and where do we go next?

2012 - 2013

Lost & Forgotten

Launch Lessons

Remember why you started​

Brand Essence




2013 - 2016

Is Branding what you want?

Tailoring Brands

Branding with LifeStyle

Branding the Skylines

Branding Peoples

Branding with Experience

New Style Leaders

Ambev, Camargo Corrêa, Marina Lima,

Africa, Maison Alexandrine,,

Ateliê Oral, 

2016 - 2020

Modeling Brands

Growing Pains

Designing as a Consultant

Branding & Consulting

Branding & Recruitment

Branding & Innovation

Fast Shop, Natura, Zenvia, Sakura 

2020 - 2022

Re-imagening Brands

Seeding the Dreams

New Kids on The Blockchain

Holistic Vision

Academy FW10 S/A

Early Stage

Seed Stage

Next Rounds

Unity League 88, BKK - CBKK S/A - Galy

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