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A senior brand leader and strategist with over 20 years of experience both in large agencies and in-house. A communications specialist and entrepreneur, skilled at understanding how to build circular business models within the start-up landscape, deploying teams of experts to help new companies implement B-Corp and ESG principles in their culture.

Academy FW10 is a hybrid branding agency that takes a holistic approach to building brands. Guiding a new generation of young companies with big missions on a journey to doing business better, the agency works with clients from different industries to find and unlock opportunity through smart strategy. From building common ground across business interests. they develop and strengthen identities and convey credible, well-rounded business messages.

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The Chiefs: Business School

evolution theory

An entrepreneur, Flávia founded Academy FW10 S/A in 2020 in partnership with brand strategist Victor Hayashida and business strategist Simon de Groote because it became increasingly apparent to the trio that business leaders have a responsibility to build a better world for the next generation by using the currency of their brand. And Academy FW10 S/A has the skills to unlock brand purpose.


Since Academy FW10 S/A started its operations in Brazil, it helped over +20 founder CEO's  remodeling their business models, re-branding and fundraising. Different startups, from early to seed stage, even Series A and IPO gave Academy a strong learning and expertise and create a solid methodology.

In 2012 Flávia co-founded School/SS99, again with Hayashida, to provide consultancy services to companies which sought to re-brand by breaking down the barriers between traditional communication, advertising and company culture to find their values and essence._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Developing and defining the essence of the brand, structuring a plan that involves all areas of communication and finding the "lifestyle", these are the key differentiators of School/SS99.

As Founder of School/SS99, in her role as Chief Brand Curator and Experience Designer for brands including Natura, Guaraná Antartica, Africa Agency, Skol, Moët & Chandon, Iguatemi, FLAGCX, Cubo.CC, Kitchen Aid, Brahma, Camargo Corrêa and Fast Shop, delivered strategic foresight, innovation, trend forecasting and analysis, brand direction, positioning, architecture, as well as design direction.

A member of the senior leadership team, working with colleagues from corporate communications, advertising, architecture and interior design and brand innovation to lead integrated agency relationships and campaigns development.

Independent Spirit

building bridges

Flávia has over 20 years' experience in brands marketing. 

She worked for traditional advertising agencies, such as DPZ Dentsu, creating campaigns for brands like Nike (sports apparel), Toyota (automotive) and Sony (Technology). Flávia also won Bronze Lion in Cannes International Festival among others awards like Silver medal in NY Festivals and FIAP.

advertising agencies

Creativity Awards

In 2009 she launched the award-winning 1-18 Project. As founders of 1-18 Project, delivered over 250 projects for clients including Vogue, Porsche, Natura, Ferrari, UBS, Samsung among others, receiving Casa Cor's Best Project award, followed by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences "Webby Award" for client InterPublic Cubo.CC Office which was voted as one of the 10 Coolest Offices in the World. listing Vogue (Conde Nast) , Porsche, Ferrari, Land Rover (Automotive), UBS, Samsung (Technology) among others within her portfolio of clients. 

As founders of 1-18 Project, delivered over 250 projects for clients, social and corporate experiences


Local Heroes

Neighborhood Revival

Nogueira is very proud of her heritage and has made it her mission to redefine the concept of Brazilian luxury through her projects. She aims to do this through artistic curatorship, drawing on Brazil's rich culture, art and history which the brands she works with can leverage.


Nogueira says she always knew she would take a values-driven approach to her career. The home of the Amazon rainforest, surrounded by thousands of species of animals and trees, the country is well known for its social and environmental extremes. Brazil also suffers one of the highest crime rates against women and homosexuals. 

“I'm on a mission to establish a dedicated 'savoir faire', or brand essence for my homeland”.



Growing up in a neighborhood full of social contrasts in the city of São Paulo, Flávia decided early on that she wanted to make her mark. She was born into a very traditional Brazilian family and educated in a variety of different types of schools, sensitizing her to societal differences and gender imbalances, something she has carried with her throughout her career. She wants to close this gap and believes her background in communications and trend research can help drive greater structural change.


Brazilian Study Groups

“In traditional advertising agencies and even today in my daily life, I feel I need to deliver at least twice as much as my male counterparts. My heritage and experiences fed me, engaged me, and gave me the courage to use my work as a tool for change. I want to open fairer and healthier routes for future and current generations.


“I am dedicated to educating leaders and working with companies, industries and business models to become more transparent. Through developing new business cultures that are less toxic and more egalitarian, it is possible to reduce inequalities perpetuated not just by one company, but by all the different households that make up that company, thus driving an entire nation."


“Provoking, educating, stamping out differences and plotting improvement routes with goals and results is my bread and butter. It's essential that business leaders assume the right political, social and environmental agenda. Only after this internal restoration will it be possible to communicate credibly about the company.”

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