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Founded in 2012, School/SS99 emerged with the aim of breaking the barriers of traditional communication and advertising and inspired by great names in history such as Louis XIV and brands in the fashion world.

Flávia Nogueira and Victor Hayashida left behind successful careers and companies in the advertising market, where they acted as creative and planning directors, to create the company in New York.


Chapter 1: Lost & Forgottens

Launch Lessons

Branding with Desire

We use fashion as a basis to create desirable brands


Chapter 2: State of the arts

what we believe

Our  Methodology

During these 10 years of consulting, we designed a process that could bring personality to brands and communicate their truths with desire and attitude.

The BrandAnatomy®

Our Process

Branding in a new direction

Rescuing the essence of the brand, structuring a plan that involves all areas of communication and finding the "life style" are the main differentials of School/SS99.

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From the Ground Up

Inside our Office

Stay in the loop: A timeline with stories that matter. 

School in a Minute

Our "School Minute" helps you keep your finger (or mouse) on the pulse. If time matters, here's a briefly summarize about us.

1998 - 2012

Creative Scene: Reaching Fizzy Heights

Flávia Nogueira and Victor Hayashida started their careers in advertising working for the biggest advertising agencies in Brazil, such as Dentsu, Africa, Publicis, DPZ and Grey. Both worked as a Creative (Copywriter, Art Director and Creative Director) for clients in different type of industries.  Their background includes national and international advertising campaigns and several awards in the most important festivals of creativity like NY Festivals, FIAP and Cannes Lions.

2012 - 2020

Consulting Services: Brand Guardians

In 2009, Flávia left the advertising industry to found a brand experience company called 1-18 Project and have delivered over 250 projects for social and corporate clients, receiving Casa Cor's Best Project award, followed by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences "Webby Award" for client InterPublic Cubo.CC Office. In the same year, Hayashida was named Creative Director for the French group Publicis working directly for Chevrolet helping the brand achieve for the first time the number 1 in sales in Brazil. 

In 2012 both left their jobs to co-found their own consulting office School/SS99 in New York in 2012. In 2013 they opened their Flagship in São Paulo, Brazil to clients such as brands including Natura, Guaraná Antartica, Skol, Moët & Chandon , Iguatemi, FLAGCX, Kitchen Aid, Brahma, Camargo Corrêa and Fast Shop, delivering strategic foresight, innovation, trend forecasting and analysis, brand direction, positioning, architecture, as well as design direction.

2020 - 2022

The Entrepreneurs: New Kids on the Blockchain

In 2020, Nogueira and Hayashida team up with French economist Simon Pierre to co-found a School's spin off office called Academy FW10 S/A. Focused on startups and Investment Funds, Academy entered after the validation of the MVP to set the company on the next investment round, taking care of all the needs that are raised after another diagnosis. 

Academy was founded to make the world a better place where everyone gets the same opportunities to realize their full potential on a healthy planet.

After 10 years, we're very proudly to have as a clients the biggest Brazilian's and Worldwide's companies

From market trends consulting, Business Plan formatting, implementation of the innovation area, Branding, Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Experience, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Series A, IPO, we help clients from different sectors with different challenges. 

Cases & Portfolio

From the Ground Up

There's no single formula for running a successful business but in this section we'll share what we do, what we have learned from the importance of harvesting opinions to the need to build brand loyalty.


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