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My name is

A skilled senior brand strategist with over 20 years of experience in large advertising and digital agencies as well as in-house and consultancy. Victor Hayashida draws on his considerable experience gained from working for some of the world's leading creative agencies, to shape the brands of tomorrow. 

Academy FW10 is a hybrid branding agency that takes a holistic approach to building brands. Guiding a new generation of young companies with big missions on a journey to doing business better, the agency works with clients from different industries to find and unlock opportunity through smart strategy. From building common ground across business interests. they develop and strengthen identities and convey credible, well-rounded business messages.

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Vision for the Future

Transforming the Everyday

Having a background in advertising and digital marketing meant that Victor noticed the huge disconnect that existed within companies whenever it came to re-branding. The different functions worked in siloes. Victor's solution was to apply a unique methodology to break down the traditional barriers between communication, advertising and company culture in order to find the brand's true personality. Often that meant embarking on a process to explore the history of the company, discovering the brand's inner most workings along the way. He's had incredible success with his approach along the way.

"We're purpose driven. We rebuild systems to create resilient and humane organizations. We're working to make the world a better place where everyone gets the same opportunities to realize their full potential on a healthy planet" , says Victor about Academy FW10 Inc.

“The world around us is going through dramatic change right now, and as a result, consumers are experiencing a transformation in their values. People increasingly want companies to take responsibility for their value chains. If brands are to be fit for the future, they need to innovate to stay ahead."

With expertise in venture capitalism, entrepreneurship and business modelling, guides founding CEOs of new and traditional companies with big missions to develop business models which minimize ecological and social costs as part of their journey to prepare for so-called 'Series A' investment opportunities and innovation. 

Using Academy FW10's unique theory of change, Victor builds common ground among the many interests within the business.


“This process can mean bringing about fundamental change within the company, including new ways of thinking, and working. Sometimes it means rebuilding the company from the inside out to create resilient, human and purpose driven organizations which are fit for the future”

An entrepreneur, Victor also co-founded School/SS99 more than a decade ago together with business partner Flávia Nogueira, because it became increasingly apparent to the pair that the role of every business leader is to take responsibility for building a better world for the next generation by using the currency of their brand.

Using tools such as Design Thinking and Management Process, it enables start-ups and large companies to communicate effectively with their stakeholders, clients, market, investors and achieve their full investment potential. 

"Companies need to reinvent the brand management model. It's useless investing in a branding project that will later turn into a forgotten book on a table. School/SS99 was made to fill the gap that already exists between the processes to transform the brand and the business""

School's SS99 Clients

Join the Design Wave

Victor has over 20 years' experience in advertising and design, with specialisms in cool hunting, fashion and styling.

An experienced industry leader, having held a range of positions including senior positions in leading advertising and digital agencies including Africa (Omnicom Group), Publicis Group, Dentsu, Inc Japan and Gray New York where his portfolio of accounts included GM, Sony, Toyota, Nivea, Moet Chandon, Discovery Channel, Yamaha, Santander Bank, Mercedes Benz, P&G, and was awarded the Cannes Lions Bronze at the creative industry ceremony. 

Advertising Agencies

Major Clients

As Creative Director of the major advertising agencies in Brazil, lead creative teams for creative works companies such as Chevrolet, Nivea, Vivo (Movistar) 


Good Neighbor Policy

Prepared for Anything

Today, Victor focuses his efforts on helping CEOs of new and traditional companies with big social and environmental missions develop business models that are fit for the future and ripe for investment. This process involves connecting the company processes with its purpose and brand essence, in order to shape a new identify that can meet B-corp and ESG principles.

Design means everything in Victor's life. Redesigning operational processes has become his biggest challenge since he founded School SS99. Understanding how different areas can move in the same direction has become their role with large organizations and especially small and startups. "In a vertical world, since the origin of productivity with the industrial revolution, management is a process that involves a lot of design and especially a lot of communication. Finding that balance point is a daily challenge for any leader these days".

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“Successful players are those that adopt new processes and behaviors in the medium and long term, and this should start with their operational models”

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